Tell me a little about your role at Candor Expedite and what you like most about your job?

I’m a carrier services representative. To be more specific, on the expedite division/side. When our customers have a time sensitive shipment, I am the person who looks for the best carrier option available based on their requirements and expectations. I focus on finding the best rate and service for our customers. What I like the most about my role at Candor is that I have direct contact with our customers and carriers, making myself the bridge between them, allowing me to communicate and create strong business relationships.

Would you describe Candor as a company that embraces diversity and why?

Absolutely! I would say diversity is part of our DNA. We are diverse in many ways. We are diverse in ethnicity since we have employees from different parts of the world. We are truly a culturally diverse company, and part of embracing diversity is making everybody feel welcome at work no matter where they come from. It is always nice to feel connected with your co-workers that are miles away. You keep forgetting they are in a different state or different country.

How is Candor helping you live your best life with your identity in the workplace?

I can be myself all the time. Let’s be honest. My professionalism and my personality are two different things, but my identity is like a union of them. That being said, I feel that the work I do here speaks for itself, and I feel like any other individual working at Candor. We all respect and accept each other. I personally consider this to be living my best life. I do not feel ashamed of who I am at work!

Gay Pride Month is more than just a label. How can companies like Candor support their employees all year long?

There are some companies out there that use pride flags and labels as advertising, but they do not care about gay rights or gay employees. On the other hand, we have companies like Candor that are welcoming to LGBTQ employees.

It is not only about supporting, but also about showing that everybody is different, and we all deserve respect. As a gay man, I have been in situations where I have been discriminated for being gay and trust me, you do not want to be in that position. All I can say is, if the company’s values are always based on equality, respect, and support, that will lead to happy employees all year long.

What can company leaders do to embrace diversity at all levels of their organization?

By understanding that diversity does not only apply to gender, race, or culture. Diversity must also recognize the employees’ background, abilities, and skills. When company leaders understand this, it is easier to create a culture of diversity, and of course it will be embraced at all levels in the organization. It is important to pay attention to how employees are treated; we all deserve to be included and noticed.