Hotshot ground services are nimble and quick. They use smaller trucks, like cargo and sprinter vans, or a pickup truck with a trailer to get cargo from point A to point B. Fast. Because they use smaller vehicles, they can more easily navigate tighter side streets and roads and congested traffic.


Hospital Hotshot

A hospital has a centrifuge go down, impacting lab test turnaround times. Ordering parts and repairs will take too much precious time. The fastest solution is to bring in a centrifuge from another hospital. Luckily, Candor Expedite’s Hotshot Ground can get equipment across town, or across state in a pinch! Add Candor’s white glove treatment, and you’ve got a team in place to get the job done professionally with guaranteed top-level care – kind of like an equipment ambulance.

Continuing Construction

An entire community depends on the construction of office buildings, schools, hospitals, and necessary infrastructure. If the construction equipment breaks down or materials are delayed, Hotshot Ground can be your answer to get things moving again.

You can move time-sensitive cargo from closer distances with Hotshot ground. That said, it’s also used to move small, incredibly urgent cargos across the country.

Our stable of Hotshot drivers is able to drop everything and go at a moment’s notice.


  • Prevent loss of productivity.
  • Drivers are at-the-ready – drop everything and Go!
  • Navigate tight streets and backgrounds as an “expedite swat team”.
  • Usually used for close-distance pickup and deliveries, but cross-country jobs are not unheard of.



Class 3

Common consumer pickup trucks.

(F-350, and 3500 series consumer trucks)

Class 4

Larger, non-commercial pickup trucks.

(F-450, and 4500 series consumer trucks)

Class 5

Light-commercial pickup trucks.

(F-550, and 5500 Series consumer trucks)

Cargo and/or Sprinter Van

Light covered transport vehicle ideal for smaller and boxed packages.

Bumper Pull Trailer

Typical consumer trailer hitch.

Gooseneck Trailer

Provides a tighter turn radius, looks like a goose neck.

Tilt Deck Trailer

Tilts to accommodate heavy loads more easily.

Lowboy Trailer

Ideal for the heaviest loads because of their low center of gravity.

Dovetail Trailer

Ideal for hauling cars, and other wheeled equipment.