Bruised fruit, rotten fish, or moldy grain:

not on our watch.

Freshness and food safety are one and the same in the institutional, retail food and restaurant industries. Without expedited logistics, many of us would never experience some of the world’s most popular cuisines (think sushi). Even the daily staples America relies on such as milk and fresh vegetables require reliable expediting with perfectly timed deliveries, day in and day out.

Candor uses state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks and tracking technologies managed by a team of back-end logistics personnel to not only meet extremely narrow delivery windows but to also ensure cargos remain in prime consumable condition throughout transport. No one can use bruised fruit, rotten fish, or moldy grain!  Our tamper-proof and sealable options also ensure shipments arrive securely with no unauthorized human contact along the way.


  • Full Truckload*
  • Expedited Linehaul*
  • Specialty Project
  • Wrap & Run
  • Air Charter*
  • Next Day – Hand Carry

*Available Tamper-proof / Sealable

How strawberries inspired our exclusive

Wrap & Run service.

Candor Expedite’s resourcefulness and creativity are our true differentiators. Take, for example, our Wrap & Run service. It began as a perishable shipment of strawberries. Strawberries are as delicate as they are delicious, but they need to be refrigerated to retain their redness, firmness, and most importantly, their sales appeal.

For this particular shipment, every reefer truck at the point of origination was spoken for. So, what did we do? We improvised! With a little quick thinking and some temperature wrap, we replicated a refrigerated environment and saved the shipment. The strawberries arrived still fresh and beautiful. And Wrap & Run was born.