Fast is easy.

Fast and cost efficient, not so much

You can get anything from Point A to Point B overnight these days — as long as you’ve got the bucks to pay for it. In retail, with manufacturer prices rising and margins shrinking, there’s less money than ever for expediting.

Depending on your type of retail, customers may expect new inventory refreshes almost daily. And fulfilling just-in-time special orders or stock transfers across locations has become complicated and, of course, increasingly expensive.

That’s why we don’t just focus on fast. We focus on fast and cost-efficient. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeve for lowering your expedited shipping price tags – from making sure we choose the most cost efficient trucking option, delivery team option and route possible.


  • 78 agent partner network across and throughout the country
  • 7 distribution & warehousing centers in key hub geographies
  • Industry-leading shipping and freight tracking technology to stay on top of deliveries and keep customers constantly informed
  • Tailored communication to select tracking teams
  • Professionals prepared to support custom handling and delivery requests

Answering the call.

A well-known retail chain called an expedite competitor of ours to move some cargo over a weekend. We know the story well – the shipment went missing, no one answered the phone – because, hello, weekend – and that’s when Candor got the call. Specifically, Candor’s CEO, Nicole Glenn, answered the call and saved the day. Did we mention this happened on the weekend that she was moving into her new home? with boxes everywhere, a moving truck in her driveway? Yet, on one of the busiest and most hectic days of her personal life, with boxes everywhere and moving trucks to be filled, she stepped in when it really mattered to help a customer out of a serious jam.

Long story short, Nicole and her team found the missing shipment, intercepted it, and were able to deliver it just in time for the retailer’s critical new store opening.