Sometimes it takes more than a single service to satisfy an expedited shipping job. Sometimes, it takes what we call a “multi-modal” effort. Multi-modal, or what’s known in the expedite business as Non-Exclusive, combines several services to get your cargo from pick-up to its destination.

You can trust Candor Expedite and our Multi-Modal services to take care of all your cargo needs – over the most difficult routes and under the tightest time constraints. We get your shipments where they need to go stress-free, using custom-tailored solutions.

Sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Multi-Modal Services

  • Ensure cargo is properly cared for
  • Deliver your shipment in a manner appropriate for that shipment, no matter what it is.
  • Are not one size fits all, or a cookie cutter operation. Everything is a variable, and everything is tailored for what’s best for the shipment and the client.


Shipment A: First & Final Mile with Hotshot Ground and White Glove

Rescued a shipment for a national retail property when a competitor dropped the ball and over-booked their trucks. We picked up the goods in one location and transported them through a busy city to the new storefront across town.  Our white glove services ensured the merch was handled with great care and no damage was done to the location itself during delivery.

Shipment B: Final Mile and White Glove

Final Mile of a medical equipment shipment that needed white glove treatment to ensure professionalism in a sterile hospital setting.

Shipment C: Hotshot Ground and White Glove

Transporting aerospace parts from the manufacturing plant to the assembly site ensures the time demands of the airlines are met.


Standard Less Than Truckload, “LTL”, is a service that’s essentially a carpool for your freight. LTL shipments are usually palletized onto a trailer and share the trailer space with other companies’ freight. LTL is a cheaper shipping option when you can’t fill a full truck. The cost of the truck is being split amongst the other shippers.

LTL delivers to a central location, and your freight is routed from there.