Your shipments require expertise, and luckily, Candor has it in spades. Our team, with over 100 years of combined experience in handling expedite, exclusive, non-exclusive and so many more services can help you with your every accelerated, speedy, and urgent shipping need.

In most cases, our customers don’t know what they’ll need, or when they’ll need time-critical services, but when they do, Candor has those solutions. This is why our customers choose Candor Expedite time and again. When time is tight and things need to get done right, Candor is there with the insight, transparency, and experience to get the job done.


For any company to be successful there must be ethics and values that are created to live by. We value our duties and commitments to our partners. Therefore, we have created three commitments on our communication, service expectations, and our transparency. This is to ensure we are delivering you results. To the Candor Expedite staff there is nothing more rewarding than helping a client of ours keep a commitment to a client of theirs.


Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, Expedited shipping is only for emergencies.

Ok, now take off your tin foil hat…There are many myths that have contributed to the term “expedited” feeling like a dirty word. In fact, the dirty little secret is that expedited is a hidden gem in plain sight. Let us bust some of those myths with our top three below.


Expedited Solutions are only for emergencies.

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Expedited solutions can work for emergencies, but it is also an important part of a well-crafted transportation strategy. What kind of strategy? The kind that’s included in your everyday business and is built into your budget and business plan.


Having to use expedited solutions is the result of poor planning on my end.

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Expedited solutions can be built into your business plan and be integral to proper planning.


Expedited Solutions are too expensive.

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The consequences of shipments not arriving on time make expedited a cost-effective approach. For example, the cost of expediting a much-needed part for an aircraft to fly severely outweighs the losses the airline will incur if the aircraft stay grounded. Losses that could mount to $100,000 of dollars a day!

We can bust shipping myths all day, but we’d rather show you.

Let’s review your shipping strategy today!


Transparency, professionalism, and exceptional service. That’s our promise to you. When production and results reflect on your performance, you can count on Candor to make you look good – there is no room for error.


Through the use of technology our communication, our level of service, we feel, is second to none. Using technology we’re able to provide tracking visibility for each shipment. Utilizing tools like Macropoint (Descartes product) the Candor team can show breadcrumb trails on all shipments. And, with our in-house fleet, as well as with our partner providers, clients have peace of mind when their freight is due for its arrival.


We believe that old-school communication goes a long way. We send status updates manually throughout a transit of an order. This lets clients know that we do not rely solely on technology to do our work for us. Our team of trained logistics professionals watches every shipment throughout transit to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved.


There are so many variables and people intertwined in a shipment that there can be times when solutions are needed on a solution. Let’s face it, things don’t always go as planned – this is transportation logistics in a nutshell. Having a solid, customer-driven team behind you, every step of the way is the Candor service commitment. We are dedicated to your on-time delivery and always creating solutions when the time is right. We stand up for this commitment and ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed on every shipment.

  • We meet a 99% on-time delivery threshold by creating expectations with our partner carriers upon booking, throughout transit.
  • We execute solution processes for true team verification and ensure all parties are aware of the requirements on every order we touch.
  • Have extra equipment required for freight securement? No problem. Candor staff requests and supplies photos of all driver equipment on board so we can show up to our pickup ready for secure, safe, and timely loading of your freight.


Preferred clients have access to our online portal, through our TMS provider Aljex. This allows our clients to place a shipment in our system, track their orders, and obtain all shipment documents. Our clients can build the order within our portal, so every detail is mapped out in advance to their exact specifications. After the shipment is in transit, preferred clients can see the transit of their load from start to finish.



Our current customers have come to love the work we do because our team takes pride in executing precise detail on all of our shipments. We have created dedicated accounts and client service representatives for all of our customers. This ensures:

Tailored communication to selected tracking teams or contacts

Going above & beyond on special service request with photos of equipment and needed equipment such as etrack, straps, load locks, blanket wrapping, etc.


Quick turnaround on pricing and capacity of the equipment

Immediate POD / documents upon delivery

Clear internal Candor employee responsibility of all customer expectations

Understanding of your shipping & delivery locations request & requirements


“What I specifically appreciate about Candor is the flexibility & adaptability to any request. They are ver responsive & willing to support us on any request.”

– Manager Transcon

“Bottom line is you have to be able to trust your carriers. Candor has proven time and time again that they can be trusted, and to me that goes a long way.”

– Capacity Planner

“I have total trust once I put Candor on a shipment, that shipment will be done quickly and correctly.”

– Distributer Agent

” Supply Chain is a relational business. Called Nicole Glenn this morning with a critcal shipment that needed to make it to Fr. Smith, AR. She answered the phone and put her weekend staff on it who found a courier in less than an hour. Our restaurants will not miss any sales thanks to Candor Expedite.”

– Director of Distribution

“Fantastic service: prompt responses, online tracking, email tracking & great customer service.”

– Customer Service Representative

“Once you give Candor a load along with minimal lane details, they take it from there without any hassle or ambiguity.”

– Logistics Manager