Candor Expedite


What we do differently

Team Service

When a cargo or sprinter van just won’t cut it, we have the perfect solution. We offer dedicated, expedite full truckload services nationwide. Have a trade show requiring a guaranteed on-time delivery? We can help.
We can place equipment in areas to service any pinch point our customers come across. With plans to continually grow our fleet, we are here for our partner customers and listening to what we can do to be a strong solutions partner. If we do not have the capacity with our fleet, we have 9,000 carriers in our database that have been qualified under the Candor Expedite Check Program.

Candor Commitment to Transparency

With production lines depending upon the on-time arrival of supplies, there is no room for error. Candor Expedite understands the importance of visibility of your goods at all times. We are an advocate for our clients to have visibility with technology. We utilize Macropoint with our in-house fleet as well as with our partner providers so you can have the peace of mind when your freight is due for its arrival.



Food Grade Units