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Candor Expedite puts the power of solutions in our client’s hands. Our mission is to turn our partners into supply chain HEROES by equipping them with solutions to their sensitive shipments. Specializing in ground and air expedite, expedited less than truckload, white-glove services, and specialty truckload; we have been able to service numerous industries by reducing their freight spend, giving them more time in transit days, and helping them speed up their inbound and outbound inventories.


Candor Expedite not only gives you a solution; we stand by our commitments to service, transparency & communication on every shipment you have. Click the video to learn more hear a message from our Founder and CEO, Nicole Glenn.

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Our Brand Promise


Have power over your preferred methods of communication. Empower yourself with useful information, peace of mind, and the ability to pivot. Be equipped to create flexibility within your supply chain when you need it.


Seamless connection to a team of battle-hardened professionals that can guide you through your toughest shipments. You will have the power and confidence to tackle anything that gets thrown at you.


Tap into a proven track record of success that will grant you the consistent results in keeping your promises. Creating repeatable wins throughout your supply chain while saving you precious time and energy.

Candor benefits

Creating the ability to keep your commitments on your toughest shipments.

Cultivating solutions when shipments go off course with open and honest communication every step of the way.

Rest assure your satisfaction will be guaranteed on every critical shipment

A hybrid human-tech approach that combines technology’s ease of use and our human’s problem-solving ability. Culminating in shipment gps tracking that goes beyond the basics.

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Aligning all expectations for a seamless on boarding experience


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