Candor Expedite


Special services

Your shipments require expertise, and luckily, Candor has it! With team members having 40+ years of experience in handling special services, we can help! We consider special services for any shipment that needs a little extra detail or that has specific needs.

In most cases, our customers don’t know when they will need time-critical service, but when it does occur, they need a solution and they need it FAST. This is why they became customers of Candor in the first place; when the timing is tight, we service their specific needs quickly through insight and experience.

Preferred clients have access to our online portal, through our TMS provider Aljex. This allows our clients to place a shipment in our system, track their order and obtain all shipment documents. Our clients can build the order within our portal so every detail is mapped out in advance. After the shipment is in transit, you can see the transit of your load from start to finish.


There are times when you need the extra touch at a shipper or a consignee.

Let Candor Expedite assist you! Do you have a client that does not have a receiving dock? Our drivers can assist with hand unloading.

Have a shipment fall over in transit? Have damaged products that need to be removed from a shipment, restacked, and delivered to a client? We can assist you nationwide!

White-Glove Service

We know that many of your shipments require sensitive handling. Many providers don’t understand what goes into the finer details to make all the pieces fit in the puzzle. That is why at Candor, our white-glove delivery service ensures shipments are handled properly. We are focused on meeting all requirements and exceeding expectations.


Our White Glove services include but is not limited to: