With the huge surge in eCommerce and online purchasing, we’re seeing a wide variety in the kind of products customers are buying online. Today’s consumers aren’t just buying groceries and apparel online, they’re also purchasing expensive and exclusive items such as jewelry, smart appliances, artwork, and more. This has paved the way for special delivery services known as white glove services.

What Are White Glove Services?

In general terms, ‘white glove’ service refers to delivering premium customized services to customers with high attention to detail. In transportation management, white-glove services are tailored services offered for specialized deliveries requiring sensitive handling.

In the case of white-glove services, expectations go beyond the standard ones one usually experiences in online buying. Significant attention goes into ensuring precaution, hygiene, and delivering exactly what the customer wants, the way they want. It’s all about ensuring buyer satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that their products will receive unmatched care from the warehouse right up to installation.

Why White Glove?

Why do we call it ‘white glove’, you might ask? Well, historically, gloves have been associated with tasks that are executed by people with very unique skill sets like surgeons, police, detectives, and let’s not forget – Michael Jackson! Coming to white gloves, people believe that it goes back to times when European nobility required their household staff to don white gloves while handling expensive silver items that could be tarnished by contact with skin.

Gloves were also symbols of courtesy and valor. Remember the phrase “throwing down the gauntlet?” In modern times, gloves are more than just an item of clothing one wears to combat the cold. It’s a symbol of exclusivity and something that demands special attention.


What Kind of Goods/ Products Need White Glove Services?

White glove services are typically used for rare, costly, and/or fragile items that cannot be left unattended on a customer’s doorstep. These could include:

  • Fine furniture
  • Medical Equipment
  • Store Fixtures
  • Electronics
  • Telecom
  • equipment
  • Industrial
  • equipment

White-Glove Services at Candor Expedite

At Candor Expedite, we take full cognizance of the fact that many of your shipments require sensitive handling. Several delivery companies claim to offer white glove services, but not all understand what goes into the finer details to make all the pieces fit in this complex puzzle.

Candor’s white glove delivery service ensures that your valuable shipments are handled with personalized care and attention. Our services include:

  • Masonite floor protection
  • Upper-level deliveries, liftgate, and pallet jack
  • Hand unloading
  • Multi-man, inside delivery, unpack, debris removal
  • Room of choice deliveries
  • Photographs of the freight upon loading & delivery

There are times when we all need that extra special touch, be it at home, at work – or in case of your precious deliveries. With Candor’s white glove services, you can be assured of that special care every time you place your trust in us!