Pioneering technology for the Food Industry

Our New Food Chain Division Transforms How Shippers Transport Frozen and Refrigerated Food – Cutting Costs, Improving Efficiency, Product Quality, and Creating a Safer Environment

Take a closer look…

Candor Food Chain combines our national shipping services with a unique technology created for the cold chain— a fully reusable cold packaging solution that for the first-time ever, allows pallet and box-sized frozen and refrigerated food shipments to go by regular transport and stay cold for up to nine days.

One simple idea that delivers accountable shipping in three big ways:

  1. Consolidates the delivery of perishable and dry goods in one truck that supports three different temperatures —frozen refrigerated and ambient — food manufacturers, distributors and retailers can eliminate the costs of multiple deliveries across the United States.
  2. Supports your green goals saving tons of petroleum emissions from going into the air and tons of wasted packaging from going into landfills.
  3. Protects the integrity and safety of your perishables so you and your clients can rest assured your food and ingredients are shipped safely.

Candor Food Chain Features:

  • Temperature range of -10-70 degrees
  • Small boxes maintain refrigerated/frozen temperatures for four days while pallets up to 9 days — with no toxic dry ice
  • Live GPS tracking feeds provide real-time temperature readings and alerts during transport
  • All boxes/pallets are 100% reusable: From start to finish, Candor Food Chain professionals take care of pick-up and delivery, and then bring emptied packaging back for cleaning, conditioning and re-use.
  • Human/Tech Ratio: There is always a logistics expert on hand to monitor any changes in the temperature and respond accordingly.
  • Shippers can use any mode of transportation with Food Chain’s packaging – including: local distribution center to stores; regional; and OTR capabilities.
  • As a woman-owned and led company, Candor helps you meet your DEI goals.

As a woman-owned and led company, Candor also helps you meet your DEI goals.  To see the coolest things to happen to food shipping since the ice cube, contact us.  We’d like nothing better than to give you a demo of our new Food Chain solution and discuss how it can transform your refrigerated and frozen shipping logistics.