A reoccurring question I receive is “what is it like to be a female leader in a male-dominated industry?” Or “How is it to be a female business owner?” I had never really thought about it until I was repeatedly asked the question. I had started out in this industry in 2000 and was used to being the only female in the company for many years, or, one of a limited number. I am elated to see where the industry is today with females entering as well as females in leadership roles in transportation. This has been an evolving industry and it is starting to show women that they do not have to be limited in any way.

Being in a male-dominated industry for many years of my career was and is fantastic. I would not have changed a thing about it as I was fortunate to select the right companies to work for in transportation. I was not pushed down due to my gender or held back in any way in my career because the owners I had worked for were selected for this reason.

In my past, the companies that I had worked with were fantastic and I value my journeys with all of them. Working for open-minded companies, I was able to obtain amazing experience, be a part of management and executive teams as well as obtain my confidence to go into business for myself. Had I not selected these companies that could have become a very different story for me and I recognize that as I listen to stories of other females not only in transportation but in business in general. Listening to their stories I was shocked to learn that there are still companies in existence that will tell a woman that she is not qualified for a role/position due to her gender. They will not pay a woman the same pay as a man and they shun the idea of motherhood being a possibility for one of their employees. Some have stated they are spoken down to, mistreated, and times humiliated. I shake my head to hear these stories and if there is anything that I can tell you out of this entire article is: If you are held back in your career due to your gender, age, cultural beliefs, race, stand up and step out… for good. It does not have to be this way any longer. There are companies and leaders that embrace our differences, empower ALL regardless of the differences we carry, can help us understand our why and how to achieve great things for ourselves.

Being a female business owner is something that I take great pride in as I look at it as a way to honor all of the women before me that pushed so hard for society to make changes. Their fight has allowed women like myself to have an opportunity to be a part of the present to help lay a further foundation for female leaders in the future. If I am only a seed of an idea to all of our daughters, I am good with that. I want them to realize that they too can accomplish anything that we put their minds and hearts to. I would like to see us equip other women with tools and resources as well so they can too become a seed of change. Currently, at Candor Expedite, we have 6 females on our team, each dynamic with personalities, talents, skills, cultures, ages, and beliefs. I celebrate all of them for all of their differences and for their similarities of a common goal of working with passion and pride every single day. My message to them is that they can create a bright and beautiful future for themselves here with us as our team (both males and females) are pushed for success it’s up to them to grab it and run.

Interesting Lady Stats:

  • In 2019, it was published that 40% of all US businesses are women-owned.
  • In the last 20 years, the number of businesses owned by women in the US has increased by 114%.
  • Women of color started 70% of new companies in the US.
  • Almost 90% of all women-owned businesses generate less than $100,000 yearly. click here to learn more.

About the Author: Nicole Glenn. In 2017, Nicole became the founder and operator of Candor Expedite. Candor Expedite is a woman-

owned and operated hotshot ground and white-glove service provider with offices in Illinois and Texas. Candor specializes in hotshot ground, time-sensitive, and white glove delivery services.

Because Candor manages so many high-touch, time-sensitive shipments, they have developed a culture of customer service,

precision, special handling, and open communication – after all, Candor is the company name. Because shipment and truck visibility is so important on critical shipments, Candor utilizes Trucker Tools to track shipments and provide real-time updates. While no two clients or urgent shipments are the same, Candor has significant experience with customers in manufacturing, trade shows, hotels and hospitality, airfreight, and facility services.