Candor Expedite

Stephanie Markese

Client & Carrier Services Manager, Candor Expedite
Master Juggler | Process Driven | Collaborator

Stephanie is proud to be one of Candor Expedite’s first employees, creating the Client Carrier
Services Group — the go-between for the carrier and the client: from booking to delivery. Often
referred to as a “master juggler”, Stephanie loves the “organized chaos” of her role and how process
driven everything is in her world.

After over a decade in accounting and procurement, Stephanie found her home at Candor. Back in
2018 she was drawn to being a part of founder Nicole Glenn’s vision to build the smartest and most
efficient freight business that delivers on its clients’ promises.

Prior to Candor, Stephanie spent nearly eight years working in Accounts Payable at Gibson Electric &
Technology Solutions where she managed millions of dollars of invoices and purchase orders and
insured a smooth-running operational flow. Before Gibson, she honed her foundational business skills
as a Procurement Associate for EMCOR Facilities Services.

Stephanie is most excited to be a real change agent for the logistics industry – being part of a women-
owned and operated business enterprise that celebrates diversity and equality.

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engagements, contact Linda Rigano at or 914.815.0396.