Candor Expedite

Cameron Haberman

Director of Multimodal Services, Candor Expedite
Problem Solving | Transparency | Creativity

After 30 years in the logistics industry, it’s fair to say that Cameron Haberman has seen it all. He’s had
the unique opportunity to work on both the client and carrier side – experiencing the unique
challenges and being a part of the solution for each.

In the Summer of 2021, after three decades which included time with Omni Logistics and working in-
house at Michael’s Arts & Crafts, Cameron was drawn to Candor Expedite’s double digit growth, and

its founder Nicole Glenn’s vision to build the smartest and most efficient freight business that delivers
on its client’s promises.

Cameron came on board to leverage his deep expertise and lead a new multimodal division for
Candor and grow the company’s services within the expedited marketplace.

While logistics may be in Cameron’s DNA, he still credits his UC Davis days training in sports
psychology where he learned visualization skills – “if you can picture what success looks like, you can
get there faster.” He brings these same skills to Candor as he creates the new multimodal division. A
fan of problem solving and thinking outside the box, Cameron believes honesty and transparency are
the keys to success. In his book, no one person is more important than the other – we’re all equals
trying to make our clients and carriers happy.

Cameron is committed to his team’s professional development and is proud to be a part of a women-
owned and operated business that celebrates diversity and equality.

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