Candor Expedite

Speaking Appearances

The Amazing People of Logistics & Transportation - Supply NOW

Fuller Speed Ahead- FreightWaves Network

Understanding Customer Expectations with Nicole Glenn – The Congruity Group

Me Leadership to We Leadership with Nicole Glenn of Candor Expedite

Live from Last Mile Logistics – What the Truck?!? – FreightWaves Network

Nicole Glenn and The Candor Expedite Story – The Logistics of Logistics

Positioning and differentiation in sales – Put That Coffee Down – FreightWaves Network

Marketing your business in a Privacy – Focused World – Digital Dispatch – FreightWaves Network

The Land Rail Conversation – High Performance Sales

How Air Cargo works – What the Truck?!? – Freightwaves Network

Freight moves on relationships and trucks – The logistics of logistics

MadGaines Live

Don’t Let Goals Intimidate You, Chase them: A Conversation with Nicole Glenn on The Women and Manufacturing podcast

Client Retention & Long-Term Sales Health with Nicole Glenn – The High Performance Logistics Sales Show

Great Quarter Gals with Kaylee Nix and Grace Sharkey at Freightwaves

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