Being born and raised in Chicago, logistics has always surrounded me. As the nation’s freight hub, it is no wonder that I found my happy place in the industry!

My 29th birthday is rapidly approaching, and it definitely has me reflecting on where I am career-wise. In my opinion, it couldn’t get any better. I have been in the logistics industry for about 5 years and I owe it all to a conversation at a bachelor party. One of my buddies told me about the 3PL he worked for and I interviewed a couple of weeks later. After two months, I started my first day in operations. It didn’t take long for me to know that transportation is where I needed to be. Every day is a different challenge and a different puzzle that needs to be put together. Problem-solving to help our customers in every way I could was what made me fall in love.

As I learned more and the crazier and tougher it got, the more I knew this is where I belong. You see the trucks on the road but you truly never know what went into that shipment behind the scenes. You don’t know what it contains, the process, or the solutions it required.

Throughout this time, I became friends with Nicole Glenn [the founder and president of Candor]. We used Candor as a broker and over the years we became friends. When I wanted to make a company change, I went to Nicole for a recommendation letter and left with a job. I knew I would be successful at Candor, Nicole sets everyone up for success and truly is a fearless leader. In addition, coming from operations was the best experience I could have asked for. I know what the customer base needs because I have been helping them for years. I know key information that allows me to know the customer’s needs before I even talk to them.

I had seen the impacts of Candor in my previous role, but now that I am a part of the team, it is truly insane to witness. The communication that is involved in every shipment is unmatched. In the expedite space especially, you need to know where your shipment is at all times, and Candor does that. Candor problem solves and pivots with one goal in mind: keep the customer updated and satisfied with our service. At any moment of the day, Candor takes care of you and is ready to conquer whatever you throw at us.

At the end of the day, logistics has prepared me to tackle whatever comes my way. This industry is where I belong and I am excited that I get to work in transportation at Candor. Reach out to me at or 224-531-4606 to learn what I can do for you!

To learn more about our company, visit us today or give us a call today 630.480.6798

Candor Expedite is a woman-owned and operated expedite service provider specializing in hotshot ground shipments as well as white glove services nationwide.