Candor Expedite would like to congratulate, Peyton Padjen on being our employee nominated EOY for 2019. Peyton has been with Candor Expedite for 10 months and has proven to all of his teammates that he operates daily in all of the Candor’s core values.

Peyton works on our carrier procurement team, in our Joliet, IL office. He has received many compliments from our valued partners as of working with integrity, offers great communication and shows he values them. The comment below is from a carrier that works with Peyton. By Peyton executing our core values to our partners, it allows Candor to continually grow with great quality companies.

“As a carrier, I have enjoyed working with Candor Expedite. Their relationship with me as a carrier is excellent and they keep it this way by having a good communication system. They are very understanding too and have great teamwork. I would work with them any day, any time.”

Internally, Peyton was identified as a solid teammate for communicating, working hard, coming up with solutions, staying to get the job done, every day. Here are some things the team had to say about him.

“Peyton is a solid performer in every aspect of his work. He’s a true team player. He will help anyone without them asking twice. He stays behind until his job is DONE. He is completely honest and fair with his vendors and teammates. He does not take short cuts with any of his work. I value Peyton and all of the wonderful qualities he brings to us and our team.” – Company owner, Nicole Glenn

“Peyton is always working hard to ensure everything is covered quickly and efficiently. Even when everything is stacked against him he doesn’t let it get him down or affect his day.” – Candor employee

“Peyton is the calmest person who doesn’t get frustrated. There are times when he needs to recover loads and he makes it seems so easy. He is very detailed with his carriers to ensure our customer’s expectations are met. He makes sure they understand everything and the way he speaks to them is very professional. I can go on and on, but you get the idea.” – Candor employee

Congratulations, once again to Peyton! You are a rockstar!

Employee of the year 2019- Peyton Padjen - Candor Expedite