Celebrating International Women's Day with Stephanie Markese

In honor of National Women’s Day, I had the privilege of interviewing our very own Stephanie Markese! I asked her questions about who she is, being a woman in business, and what advice she has for other women in male-dominated industries. Stephanie is truly a ray of sunshine at Candor Expedite and an overall badass woman. I loved hearing her story and I think a lot of women can relate and learn from her!

What do you do at Candor?

I am the Client and Carrier Services, Manager. I am the in-between for our customers and carriers. Anything that happens after we win a shipment, my department and I are in charge of handling it all the way through delivery.

What brought you to Candor?

Nicole [the founder and owner of Candor] and I have been friends for years. After Nicole split from her previous partner, I saw that my friend needed help. I was at a job that I didn’t like and had been looking for a way out of that position for years. I don’t like new things, so it was hard for me to seek out and find new opportunities because it scares me. But like I said, she needed help. I felt in my gut that I needed to be there for her so the next day I ended up quitting my job to go help. There was a high chance it would just be temporary but I knew it would be my steppingstone out of the position I was in at the time, so I took the leap, and now here I am three years later!

How have you been empowered and impacted at Candor

Well, I was at my last job for 10 years. I worked at a company that did not empower women in any sense of the term. In my opinion, they looked down upon us. Starting at Candor, it was a completely different environment. Here, my opinions matter, my thoughts matter, and I now have complete autonomy. This company and Nicole have empowered me beyond words. Here I realized I am capable of big and giant things where I have never felt that way before in any of my previous roles.

What is your favorite thing about being a woman in transportation?

When I own things and when I get to be a true boss lady, I feel like a badass! I know that a lot of people in transportation aren’t used to working with powerful women so it makes me feel good that I am a part of the change to a more diversified industry.

Who is a woman you look up to?

I have two: I look up to Nicole and I look up to my mother. I look up to Nicole because I have seen her over the last decade accomplish everything she puts her mind to. Even if there is fear or hesitation, she bites the bullet and gets it done because that is what she wants for herself. I also want to be like that and am working on myself to get there as well. I want to achieve anything I set my mind to! I look up to my mother because the woman can do anything. She is the sweetest most wonderful human being I have ever known. She’s another one that whatever she decides, she accomplishes.

What is some advice you would give women struggling in a male-dominated industry?

Use your voice! If you are somewhere that doesn’t take you seriously or doesn’t value your opinion, get out. There are options. I realized this when I started at Candor. I struggled for so long because I don’t like change. I knew I wanted a new job, but I didn’t know how to go about it because it scared me. Once I did it and was in this environment and work for this company that empowers me, I realized I wasted so much time in my last role. Here, I know my opinion matters. Use your voice and if they are not listening, get out. There are other options and other companies that will value you.

As a certified Woman-Owned and Operated business, Candor takes diversity and equality very seriously. It’s in our blood. We want women to be heard and praised every single day. It was such an honor to listen to Stephanie’s story and I hope that this helps other women that are in similar situations to use their voice and be heard. And again, Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies out there!

Lead Marketing Coordinator of Candor Expedite, Inc.

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Author: Taylor Lindsay