Time-critical means exactly what it sounds like: Time is critical. In this sector of the transportation industry, just a few minutes can be too late.

A few minutes too late could mean an aircraft was out of service for hours, causing flight delays or cancellations. A few minutes too late could mean a hospital doesn’t have the equipment they need to treat patients. A few minutes too late could mean that a food production company doesn’t have their main ingredient, causing thousands of dollars in delays.

Candor is here to make your life easier
We all know the old proverb; “time stops for no one.” We all recognize this phrase because it’s true, especially so in expedited shipping. In most cases, our customers don’t know when they will need time-critical service, but when it does occur, they need a solution and they need it FAST. This is why they became customers of Candor in the first place; when the timing is tight, we service their specific needs quickly through insight and experience. We create a custom-tailored solution for every shipment. This allows us to support the shipment going anywhere at any time with a 99% on-time delivery threshold.

Candor saves you time
At Candor Expedite, our goal is to take the stress out of our customer’s shipping process and make it as quick and streamlined as possible. Unfortunately, logistics still tends to be an antiquated industry. At a lot of other expedite companies, there are still way too many variables and people intertwined with each shipment resulting in phone call chains and delayed service. Time-critical logistics providers shouldn’t be shipping hospital equipment with the same processes as a shipment of t-shirts. Each critical shipment is special and requires a custom solution to put time back in your pocket.

Everything that Candor does is to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination secure, safe, and on time. We may not be able to stop time, but we can create custom-tailored solutions allowing you to utilize your time in the most impactful way.

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Candor Expedite is a woman-owned and operated expedite service provider specializing in hotshot ground shipments as well as white glove services nationwide.