Candor Expedite has released THE CIRCLE... So what's next?

Big things are happening at Candor and we are excited to share with you what is to come! As you may have heard, Candor has just released our application: The Circle. The Circle is a tool that has dual purposes…. for our clients, you can submit a quote and within seconds receive a notification that your Candor representative(s) have begun preparing capacity and cost. For our carriers, you now have a platform to show/display your capacity and provide your cost to move from a location to the next. To give you a sense of what The Circle is all about I interviewed the person spearheading this project, Jacob Kosiara, about what this application means for YOU!

1. The Circle has been released for a couple of weeks now, what is next?
Starting May 21st, all of our freight offerings will go through The Circle straight to our highest-rated carriers in terms of service and communication. These carriers have proven to be reliable, so we wanted to reward them with advanced access to Candor’s freight over other networks and providers that are out there. I use the example of herd immunity. The more people that get on it, the better off it is going to be for everyone involved. It is going to give our carriers first priority to our freight offerings. The other thing is, we are putting process automation to it so that when our customers are tendering freight and asking for quotes, we are almost simultaneously giving our carrier network access. This is through the app only. That same freight will not hit other networks for some time. The ones that do not join the app are going to be seeing that piece of freight offered 5-10 minutes after the fact, which could make the difference in their drivers getting home or not.

2. Why should our carriers sign up for The Circle?
All our freight is going to go straight to The Circle first! Our carriers will have less competition and fewer brokers in the same types of freight along with the fact that Candor will give access to the best carriers in our network. The ability for us to post loads faster than anyone else is why a carrier should sign up. They will be the first ones to see it. Carriers get a head start giving them way more opportunities and a higher success rate.

3. How will our clients benefit?
This is an exclusive network. It is a faster way to get costs back to them so they can win opportunities too. The Circle is a more consistent way of viewing costs in a template and platform that is easy to read and has all the specifics outlined in each quote. This eliminates the back and forth between Candor and its Customer which could be the difference between winning and losing an opportunity. In the end, they will get the best of the best of our partner network. The Circle isn’t for everyone, it is for the elite only! Our customers will get the best quality of carriers to provide elite service rather than a random carrier that just came out of the woodwork.

4. What are you most excited about with The Circle?
I would say that I am most excited about the benefits not only for our team but for everyone involved. There are so many advantages. Our team will be able to handle more requests, our customers will love the speed and detail on each cost provided, and our carriers will enjoy being part of the best of the best having targeted messaging based on their capacity.

It is an exclusive network through Candor. Those who are like-minded with us in terms of sharing our values are the ones that are going to be on this application. They understand our system and how we work. I believe we work differently than most; Candor is very heavy in communication and service. These folks are going to be the first and earliest adopters of this and they are going to have the ability to grow their book of business as a result. Once again, this application is Candor’s. It’s exclusive to us and I am so proud of what it has become and I am excited to see what the future holds.

At the end of the day, we cannot wait for our carriers and clients to reap the benefits of The Circle. If you would like to apply to be on this brand new application or just learn more, please send an email to See you on The Circle!

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